$25 base pay + $4 per employee

    Businesses can create paychecks for salaried and hourly employees, calculate payroll taxes and deductions, and pay employees either by direct deposit or check.


    Escochecks Payroll Staff to assist in setting up new payroll client. Training will be provided until client is proficient to process payroll on their own.



$25 base pay + $5 per employee

       With Assisted Payroll, the client need only to submit employee hours and Escochecks Inc (“Escochecks”) will calculate paychecks, file tax forms, and make tax payments on the client’s behalf.


   Assisted Payroll provides a full-service payroll service to small businesses that prefer to outsource their payroll. This option also includes direct deposits, filing of quarterly and annual payroll tax forms, and remit payroll tax deposits to the IRS and FTB on the business behalf.


Escochecks guarantees that its payroll tax returns are filed accurately and on-time with no penalties.


$25 base pay + $6 per employee

    With Payroll + HR, you’ll get the latest in Escochecks HR innovations designed specifically for small businesses to help you meet your most challenging HR needs. Plus you’ll get a powerful set of tools and resources to help you manage your cash flow and compliance risk. With better control over the administrative side of your business.

This option is inclusive of the following:

  • All of Assisted Payroll option

  • Labor Law Posters

  • Employee Handbook

  • Unemployment Claims with EDD

  • 401K Administration

  • Sick and Vacation Leave

  • Other HR Compliance News