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We specialized in helping startups, get their business running quickly, profitably and effectively.




-review of financial statements (quarterly and annually)

  • Our core responsibility is to help businesses maintain accurate and timely records of their finances.

  • We are responsible for maintaining records of our client’s daily transactions and compiling those transactions into financial statements such as the balance sheet, income statement, and statement of cash flows.

  • ​We also provide other services, such as performing periodic audits or preparing ad-hoc management reports or other reports required by our clients.

We take care of your books!

    With Payroll + HR, you’ll get the latest in Escochecks HR innovations designed specifically for small businesses to help you meet your most challenging HR needs. Plus you’ll get a powerful set of tools and resources to help you manage your cash flow and compliance risk. With better control over the administrative side of your business.

Human Resource Management


  • HR Call
    - working with a team of HR Professionals  on demand by phone, email or chat

  • HR Compliance
    - readily available answers to commonly asked HR management questions or issues

  • Forms and Documents
    - readily available checklists and templates on HR Policies

  • Employee Hand Book
    - free to all Subscribers

  • Labor and Employment Posters
    - CA Labor Law Poster, Latest EditionState, Federal and OSHA Compliant Laminated Poster (California, English) 
    Free to all subscribers

  • Sick and Vacation Leave Management

  • Regular HR Compliance Updates

Escochecks HR management helps bridge the gap between employees' performance and the organization's strategic objectives. Our innovative and strategic HR management team can give firms an edge over their competition. This option is inclusive of the following:

  • Reconcile your bank account

  • Generate an income statement

  • Generate balance sheet

  • Clean up general ledger

  • Unlimited consultation

Each week, month, or quarter we'll enter the daily income and expense transactions from your checking and credit card accounts, as well as provide the following services to you:





Payroll price SIMPLIFIED!

  • Installment Agreements

  • Tax for Corporate, Partnership, LLC,& Individual Tax Preparation

  • Non-Profit Organization Returns

  • ​Property Tax Returns

  • Shareholder Tax Issues

  • Payroll and Sales Tax Consulting

  • Payroll Tax Returns

  • Tax Planning and Resolution

  • Each of our clients is automatically enrolled to PROTECTION PLUS. Our promise to all our clients.

Our tax services includes but not limited to:


Our team of tax experts offer a wide range of tax services...

  • Tax Planning & Tax Resolution

  • Bill Pay & Cash Flow Management

  • Personal Financial Statements

  • Audit Representation for individual tax we prepared

  • Banking and Line Credit Application

Individuals and Families




Services includes:

  • Worker's Compensation Audit

  • Business Formation

  • Assist in SEC Reporting

  • State Filing

  • City Filing

  • Medicare Cost Report/ALIRTS/CAPS

  • Budget

  • Sales Tax


Corporate Coaching

Workplace Soft-Skills Training Solutions


Team Building Strategies 

Corporate Coaching

  • Strengths Coaching for Staff (one on one) using the Gallup Clifton Strengths

  • Executive Strengths Coaching for Managers (one on one) using the Gallup Clifton Strengths Assessment by Certified Gallup Coaches

(Using the internationally acclaimed DISC® Psychometric Profile, and the Gallup Clifton Strengths Assessment), Communication Strategies - Power Talk Guest/Customer Service Strategies

Other Popular Training Programs:

Human Resource Development

Corporate Coaching and Training Solutions

  • Developing Communication Skills

  • Change Management

  • Time Management

  • Managing Conflict and Resistance

  • Personal Empowerment

  • Creative Problem Solving

  • Job Satisfaction and Motivation

  • Effective Listening

Strengths-Based Corporate Training:

  • Strengths-based Work Teams Workshop (for staff)

  • Strengths-based Team Leadership (for team leaders)



ALIRTS is a web portal that enables health facilities to easily report annual utilization data and allows our customers to easily access timely utilization, licensing, and other health facility information.

  • Mandatory part of Licensure Statute

  • Converted to On-line Product in 2003

  • Assists the State in Identifying Problems

  • Assists the Industry in Identifying Norms, Trends, and Education/Legislative Opportunities


Medicare Cost Report

The  Medicare Cost Report records each institution's total costs and charges associated with providing services to all patients the portion of those costs and charges allocated to Medicare patients, and the Medicare payments received.

The cost report is an annual report submitted by all institutional providers participating in the Medicare program.

Hospice Caps Report


The hospice aggregate cap is an amount set by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) each year that is used to figure in the aggregate, the maximum amount that a hospice will be reimbursed for Medicare hospice services.

The aggregate cap limits the total aggregate payment any individual hospice can receive in a year.



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Remote Staffing


  • We serve Accounting firms Nationwide, providing them with qualified and experience accounting and tax professionals starting at $8/Hour.

  • You can hire Staff Accountants, Bookkeepers, Tax Associates or any other staff position, having the required skills and knowledge for 75% less salaries compare to in-office staff.

PaySmart Remote Staffing is an ideal solution for accounting and tax Firms


Legal Shield

That's why, under the protection of LegalShield, you or your family can live your lives worry free. Even better, you don't have to worry about figuring out which attorney to use - we'll that for you.

LegalShield gives you the ability to talk to an attorney on any personal legal matter without worrying about high hourly costs.




 Escochecks, Inc., is a trust-driven payroll, accounting, bookkeeping, HR and tax services firm with a personal touch! 

 Our industry is motivated by relationships to establish and build reliance among our clients. 

 Our team of experts comprises a minimum 5-15 years of experience in the field.  Our job requires us to be responsive and attentive to our client's needs and we deliver results.  Our goal for them is to eliminate the administrative part of the business so that our clients can focus more  on their business objectives and increase sales and productivity. 



Our Promise

Escocheck's Promise Cycle

Our promise revolves around four key drivers.

  • COST: Value for money and services. 

  • EFFICIENCY: Speed without sacrificing accuracy.

  • WORLD CLASS SERVICE: Meeting our client's expectations and beyond. 

  • COMMITMENT: To excellence and improving their lives and making a positive contribution every day.

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Our Values

Our Values

Our Values reflect the behaviors that shape the tone of how we work with each other and with our partners. And Our Promise articulate our unique approach to conducting work every day.

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