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Escochecks, Inc. is one of the fastest growing business advisory firms in California and will soon branch out to other states in the US.


Our main office is in Los Angeles, California and we also have offices in Las Vegas, Houston, and Manila, Philippines.


  • Our accountants ensure that clients are always aware of everyday financial transactions and take extra steps resolve problems beyond the ordinary scope of their work.

  • Escochecks, Inc. offers solutions, strategies, and provide consulting and advisory services in a holistic approach to generate financial reports in compliance with statutory requirements of any government and private entities as well other management reports that the client needs for productivity.

  • Our company prides itself for having fast and available lines of communications to ensure that client’s inquiries or services requested are completed quickly and accurately

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Our mission is to eliminate the “administration” part of our clients’ operations so that they can focus on building their business and increasing sales.

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Escochecks Inc.'s Vision Statement


To become a globally recognized brand in the areas of Accounting, Human Capital Management, Insurance, Payroll, and Taxation

Escochecks Inc.'s Values

Our Values

Our values are integrity, trust, excellence, innovation and growth. All of these reflect the behaviors that shape the tone on how we work with each other, our partners, and our clients.

Escochecks Inc.'s Values
Escochecks Inc.'s Promise
Escochecks Inc.'s Promise

Our Promise

Our promise revolves around four key drivers.

  • COST: Value for money and services. 

  • EFFICIENCY: Speed without sacrificing accuracy.

  • WORLD CLASS SERVICE: Meeting our client's expectations and beyond. 

  • COMMITMENT: To excellence and improving their lives and making a positive contribution every day.

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